Top 5 Tips for the Home Bartender

December 9th, 2021

Mixologists from around the world have shared exclusive tips with cada día about how to up your cocktail game and get into the holiday spirit(s) as a home bartender.

There’s nothing like this time of year. The holidays are a time for laughing, dancing, celebrating, and enjoying all the delicious moments. Whether you’re a beginner at crafting an at-home cocktail or are a seasoned at-home bartender, it’s time to learn something new to impress your guests!

1. Enjoy Your Company! 

You want to have an unforgettable gathering, and you want to enjoy yourself. This means getting as much prepped and ready to share before the big occasion. 

With over 75,000 followers on Instagram and a worldwide career in connecting home bartenders to the world of drink, the Apartment Bartender (@apartment_bartender), had an exclusive tip for the cada día tequila community. Elliot shared, “I’m all about batching cocktails…that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser”. He suggests a citrusy and refreshing cocktail similar to a cinnamon Paloma. You could also try a reposado old fashioned when making drinks this holiday season.

Batching cocktails will not only save you time during the gathering, but allow you to sip, savour, and celebrate your delicious cocktails with great company.

2. Ice, Ice Baby

Before you grab ice from a plastic bag at your local grocery store, keep reading. 

With over 192,000 followers on Instagram, global cocktail creative, Bad Birdy (@bad_birdy), shared an exclusive recommendation with cada día tequila for the home bartender – take pride in your ice. It’s important to understand which ice is best suited for your cocktail to truly enjoy all the delicious flavours.

Large Ice

Large ice cubes melt at a slower rate due to their surface area-to-volume ratio, meaning there is less water diluted and your drink stays cool for longer. The size of the cube helps prevent a loss of flavour – Your guests will be able to truly experience the depth and complexity of your cocktail.

Ice balls follow this same concept, but the round shape acts as a garnish and adds a bit of extra flare. cada día tequila’s Amor Y Agave cocktail recipe uses this exact concept. You can even try sipping our tequila reposado straight over a king ice cube to enjoy all the delicious flavours.

Crushed Ice

On the other hand, crushed ice is best for cocktails that require a bit of dilution. For example, those with syrups and juices. cada día tequila cocktails like Buenos Día, cada dia margarita, and Winter Tequila Mule provide the perfect opportunity to test out this concept.

Clear vs. Cloudy

So, as a home bartender, do you really need clear ice? Bad Birdy (@bad_birdy) recommends, “whether you make or buy your clear ice, it will elevate your cocktails and preserve the quality of your ingredients”. Clear ice is pure water without all the extra oxygen. The ice hasn’t absorbed any unnecessary flavours of its environment, meaning you can strictly enjoy all the flavours.

3. Fresh is Best!

Don’t skimp on those ingredients! Sandeep Gupta, co-founder of @cadadiatequila shared, “Simply keep the ingredients fresh and high quality and you’re off to a great start”. Fresh garnishes, mixers, and premium spirits make all the difference, both for the flavours and your health! 

Filled with vitamins and antioxidants, freshly squeezed juice allows you to know exactly what you’re serving and consuming. A premium tequila contains a high level of inulin, thanks to the agave, which helps with digestion. 

You can feel good about what you’re enjoying, and your taste buds will surely notice a difference.

4. Serve With Style & Grace

So, you’ve batched your favourite cocktail recipe with the freshest ingredients, and now it’s time to serve. 

We spoke with the Director of Beverage at Fairmont Royal Oak in downtown Toronto, Canada. What was Rus Yessenov’s ( top tip? He shared, “I always recommend keeping stemmed glassware (coupes) in the freezer. This way, the cocktail stays as cold as possible. if you don’t want any added dilution after you shake or stir, then a coupe is recommended”. 

Coupes work for cocktails without ice that are shaken and stirred until chilled. They help ensure your cocktail stays cool as the stem of the glass keeps the warmth of your hand away from the cocktail.

5. All About the Presentation

We checked in with the margarita specialist, Rhonda, also known as @the_margarita_mum. Based in Australia, Rhonda (@the_margarita_mum), has over 118,000 followers on Instagram and is an expert in presentation, just take a look at her stunning, colourful, and expertly crafted feed. Rhonda shared, “To me, home bartending is all about making drinks exactly the way you like them! I like to buy beautiful vintage glassware from thrift shops and serve my drinks with beautiful garnishes”. A cocktail tastes even better when presented with your own unique style and twist. 

Dress those cocktails to impress, and don’t forget about the garnish. In fact, Quinn Taylor (@_quinnstagram) from Ottawa, Canada shares, “To garnish and adorn my holiday cocktails I love foraging decorations outdoors to give guests a cozy and aromatic experience”.

There you have it; Four steps to impress your guests and bring your at home bartending to the next level! Cheers to you and a holiday season full of celebrations and living cada día!

In search of cocktail recipes and a premium spirit to compliment your new found skills? Check out cada día’s premium tequila and our recipe vault.

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