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The Story of cada día tequila

October 6th, 2022

It all began over tequila…


Riti and Sandeep Gupta, founders of cada día tequila reposado, met while enjoying tequila on Pearl Street in the heart of Toronto. Their journey began as a young married couple with the understanding that purpose and balance in life meant everything. Their core values included, and continue to emphasize, optimism and seeking joy. Through two beautiful daughters, they continued to radiate positivity, and their love of tequila never faded. 


The family has always, and forever will, enjoyed traveling to Mexico. The vibrant colours of Mexico, the fiery and flavourful foods, and the artfully crafted tequila have long been a source of inspiration for the two. Sandeep and Riti even found similarities between the Mexican culture and their own heritage after long conversations with the people of Mexico over a glass of sipping tequila.


Around 2017, their love of tequila and the Mexican spirit continued to grow, and the couple began pondering the idea of starting a tequila brand, one that was premium, authentically crafted, and needed to be shared with the world. After deliberating and realizing it was either another child or tequila business, they settled on creating their own premium spirit.


At the beginning stages of the business, Sandeep and Riti had a unique list of non-negotiables; Items and processes that the couple needed to authentically and respectfully achieve.

1. Finding the perfect distillery

They were driven to find a distillery that was true to form, credible, and provided the opportunity to work directly with the master distiller, and was socially conscious with their production. After months of searching, they found the perfect fit.

2. Culture & craft education

Sandeep and Riti wanted to fully immerse themselves and have a thorough understanding of the authentic tequila craft. The couple took numerous trips to Jalisco to improve their understanding, and they worked hands on with the Jimadors to understand the process. They left the fields  with agave wounds, and returned home with deep respect for the craft and culture – Experiences that they will forever cherish and carry with them throughout their lives.

3. Perfecting the balance of the reposado before launch

The couple was adamant about perfecting the balance in their reposado before launch in early 2020. Following numerous samples, slight process modifications, and input from a facilitated focus group, Sandeep and Riti carefully selected the perfect balance of cooked agave and barrel age notes.

So, why call it “cada día” you may ask?

So, why call it “cada día” you may ask? Isn’t it funny how great things sometimes start on a napkin (Ziggy Stardust, Southwest Airlines, Shark Week…)? One of the final stages was naming the brand. Remember Sandeep & Riti’s core values of optimism and seeking the good? The couple was at their favourite spa with family and were brainstorming potential names for the brand on a café napkin. They knew that they wanted it to be in Spanish and for it to represent their values and way of life. In their own words, the founders “wanted the brand to scream ‘celebrating life every day!’”. The english translation of “cada día” is “every day”, which resonated with the couple. There is only one life to live, so it should be lived to the fullest. Celebrate life, cada día!


The beauty of it all is that in Mexican culture, the hummingbird is known for evoking emotions of joy and inspiring a sense of fearlessness to the observer. cada día chose this as the symbol of the brand to embrace and impart some of its radiant emotional attributes into cada día tequila reposado. It’s as if this symbol was meant to be as it combined the brand’s values, while sticking true to the Mexican spirit. cada día tequila’s rendition of the symbol is designed to be powerful while preserving its elegance and sophistication.


The Mexican spirit welcomed Sandeep and Riti, awakened them, and stayed with them. So they bottled it. Born out of a deep respect for tradition and a love of pure, smooth tequila flavour, cada día brings the Mexican spirit to you, for every moment worth savouring.

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Crafted for the celebration of life, cada día tequila translates the enjoyment of living life to the fullest, and all of the exceptional experiences that entails, into a premium sipping tequila.

Sip. Savour. Celebrate.

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