The Pearl cada dia cocktail by Monica

The Pearl

by Monica Carbonell

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Introducing The Pearl! Did you know that Toronto has a namesake cocktail? It’s reminiscent of a Manhattan with a dash of Fernet Branca that gives it a whole new light. Well, while working with the cada día team, Monica Carbonell wanted to come up with something that was a namesake that truly represented cada día. That’s why she calls this cocktail The Pearl.

Why’s that? Because Sandeep and Riti, the couple behind cada día tequila reposado, met while enjoying tequila on Pearl Street in the heart of Toronto. With a generous insert of cada día tequila reposado, this spirit-forward cocktail adds a dash of sophistication to any day of the week!

The Pearl Cocktail Recipe Ingredients

2 oz cada día Tequila Reposado

1/2 oz Amontillado Sherry

1/2 oz Italian Red Vermouth

1/4 oz Fernet Branca

Brandied Cherries for garnish

The Pearl Cocktail Recipe Instructions

1. In a mixing glass, add all your ingredients, fill with ice and stir well (at least 30 seconds).
2. Strain into coupe or Nick and Nora Glass.
3. Garnish with brandied cherries

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