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Cocktail Garnishes 101

Cocktail garnishes are an important aspect of mixology that can elevate the presentation, flavour, and aroma of your drinks; but, how do you choose a cocktail garnish perfect for your beverage?

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Tequila Tasting for Two: A Valentine’s Day Guide

Learn how to create the perfect, easy Valentine’s Day dinner & tequila tasting at home…

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Cocktail and Food Pairings: 4 Tips on How to Pair Cocktails with Your Favourite Dishes

We’ve put together our top tips to help you pair your cocktails and holiday dishes like a pro.

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Ice, Ice Baby: Choose the Right Ice for Your Cocktails

With great ice comes great responsibility. How do you choose the right ice for your cocktail, you ask? Think of this as a guide to help you choose the right ice for your cocktails.

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The Story of cada día tequila

It all began over tequila. Riti and Sandeep Gupta, founders of cada día tequila reposado, met while enjoying tequila on Pearl Street in the heart of Toronto. Their journey began as a young married couple with the understanding that purpose and balance in life meant everything…

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Tools & Tips to Elevate Your Home Bar Cart & Entertain This Fall

Before the season gets too crazy, take a look at these tools & tips to elevate your home bar cart and entertain this fall!

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Reality TV Cast & cada día tequila

Inside ” Vanderpump Rules” stars exclusive Schwartz & Sandy’s launch party with cada día tequila.

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How to Batch Cocktails

Supersize your favourite shareable cocktails for your next summertime celebration. Get out from behind the bar, and sip, savour, celebrate with your guests all summer long!

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The World of Blue Weber Agave

cada día tequila reposado is made with 100% blue weber agave, meaning it’s fully produced from the juices and natural sugars of the agave. What about other brands you may know and recognize?

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How to Drink Tequila

Since we’re often asked how to drink tequila, we put together a guide on how to best enjoy your premium tequila reposado. Sipping tequila can be a very artful experience if done right. If you’d like to drink tequila like a pro, follow these three easy steps…

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Create Your Own Celebration Box

Create your own experiential celebration boxes! Something for the cocktail fanatics, the straight sippers, those who celebrate their every day, and tequila reposado lovers. Follow these simple steps…

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Take Care of You in 2022

Making a healthier choice doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your happiness! We’ve outlined some adjustments you can make to your everyday routine while you’re kicking off the year 2022.

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Top 5 Tips for the Home Bartender

Mixologists from around the world have shared exclusive tips with cada día about how to up your cocktail game and get into the holiday spirit(s).

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