Our featured cocktail

Classic cada día Margarita

Our featured cocktail

Classic cada día Margarita

In the Heat of the Night

by Shane Gifford

Amor Y Agave

by Tristan Bragaglia-Murdock

All Play & No Work

by Quinn Taylor

A cream coloured tequila cocktail in a teal tiki mug. There is a metal straw. Green leaves and a yellow flowers are garnish.

Día Colada

by Quinn Taylor

A yellow, iced cocktail with a gold pick and green leaves as garnish. The cocktail is sitting on a blue and white striped background.


by Quinn Taylor

A burnt orange coloured tequila cocktail sitting on top of a wooden table. Next to it is a pink cocktail over ice.

Ain’t No Sunshine

by Mackenzie Irvine

A tequila cocktail over ice in a salt rimmed glass with rosemary garnish.

Winter Tequila Mule

by Tristan Bragaglia-Murdock

A woman is holding an iced cocktail with a lime wheel and a sprig of rosemary

Everyday Dream

by Shannon Blue Nanibush

An orange and black mug with an apple fan garnish. Next to the glass is a cinnamon stick and half of an apple.

Wise Apple

by Camille Hopper-Naud

A light green tequila cocktail over ice with a mint garnish.

Buenos Día

by Sheldon Jackson

Two glasses of a pink coloured cocktail with lemon and rosemary garnish in front of a white marble background.

Blueberry Paradise

by Mike Campbell

A woman standing behind a bar smiling. In front of her is a bottle of cada d ía tequila reposado and a pink coloured cocktail with rosemary garnish.

Blood, Smoke, Honey

by Camille Hopper-Naud

Two teal and dark grey coloured mugs holding a chocolate tequila cocktail. Behind the mugs is a green succulent plant.

Jalisco Hot Chocolate

by Tristan Bragaglia-Murdock

A cocktail is sitting on a wooden table garnished with a orange peel twist.

Every Day Twist

by Tristan Bragaglia-Murdock

Sip. Savour. Celebrate.

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