Two teal and dark grey coloured mugs holding a chocolate tequila cocktail. Behind the mugs is a green succulent plant.

Jalisco Hot Chocolate

by Tristan Bragaglia-Murdock

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Spending the weekend indoors to keep warm? Nothing better than cozying up with a warm hot chocolate. Spice up your hot beverage routine with our cada día tequila-inspired Jalisco Hot Chocolate. This drink includes dark chocolate richness complemented with the warmth and spicy notes of our reposado to give a velvety and delectable finish after every sip. Try out this recipe crafted by Tristan and experience the ultimate level of comfort on a cold winter’s day.


½ oz cada día tequila reposado⠀
2 cups oat milk ⠀
¼ cup coconut milk⠀
30g dark chocolate
1 cinnamon stick
1 tablespoon maple syrup⠀
½ teaspoon vanilla⠀
1 pinch cayenne⠀
1 pinch salt⠀
Whipped cream, nutmeg and cinnamon to taste


1. Stir all ingredients except tequila together over low heat until the chocolate is melted.
2. To each mug, add 1 ½ ounces of cada día tequila. Top with hot chocolate.
3. Garnish with whipped cream, a pinch of salt, grated nutmeg and cinnamon.Enjoy!

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