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Ice, Ice Baby: Choose the Right Ice for Your Cocktails.

November 8th, 2022

Ice dates back centuries, as it was often a luxury reserved for the rich and famous! Today, while it may not be a rarity, ice must be used carefully as it can make or break a cocktail. With great ice comes great responsibility. How do you choose the right ice for your cocktail, you ask? Think of this as a guide to help you choose the right ice for your cocktails.


No matter the form, the clearer the ice, the better. When ice is cloudy, it’s actually considered “impure” in the cocktail world, meaning oxygen bubbles have gotten trapped during the freezing process. While creating perfectly clear ice can be a specific science, an easy tip is to use hot water to make clearer ice. Starting with boiled and distilled water, the ice will freeze more slowly, creating a smooth and clear product. Additionally, we highly recommend rotating out your ice cube trays. While in the freezer, ice absorbs surrounding flavors. The longer it sits, the more surrounding flavours it can absorb. Make sure your ice isn’t sitting near fish or meat unless you want a unique, meat-flavored cocktail.


Generally speaking, there are four different categories of ice: block ice, shaved ice, cracked ice, and crushed ice.

1. Block Ice

Have you ever seen your favourite cocktail bar carving ice blocks by hand? The perfectly imperfect edges of large blocked ice cubes sure do take your cocktail to the next level.


For an at-home version, think king cubes. For cocktails, we recommend this type of ice for spirit forward cocktails, as large ice cubes melt at a slower rate due to their surface area-to-volume ratio. Essentially, with large ice, less water is diluted and your drink stays cool for longer. The size of the cube helps prevent a loss of flavour – Your guests will be able to truly experience the depth and complexity of your cocktail and spirit. Try out cada día’s London’s Calling cocktail that follows this concept.

Ice balls are extremely similar, but the round shape acts as a garnish and adds a bit of extra flare. cada día tequila’s Amor Y Agave cocktail recipe uses an ice ball, and it helps to level up the presentation. You can even try sipping our tequila reposado straight over a king ice cube to enjoy all the delicious flavours.

2. Shaved Ice

We recommend saving this type of ice for your non-alcoholic beverages.

3. Cracked Ice

Typically, you’ll find this category of ice at your convenient stores. It’s great for cocktails that require a lot of ice in the cocktail shaker or ones that require a blender. The Pearl is a great example of a cada día cocktail that is not served over ice, but uses cracked ice in the shaker while crafting the cocktail. Cracked ice also breaks down easily in a blender and is the preferred choice for cada día’s Día Colada cocktail.

4. Crushed Ice

On the other hand, crushed ice is cracked ice broken down a bit more. Typically, this can be done with a Lewis bag.


Crushed ice is best for cocktails that require a bit of dilution. For example, those with syrups and juices. cada día tequila cocktails like Buenos Día, One Love and Winter Tequila Mule provide the perfect opportunity to test out this concept.


No matter your cocktail selection, we hope this guide helps you level up your cocktail experience, whether you’re treating yourself or your guests this holiday season. Cheers to all the delicious moments!

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