A punch bowl of cada dia's patio peach batched cocktail.

Tools & Tips to Elevate Your Home Bar Cart & Entertain This Fall

September 24th, 2022

The weather is cooling off, but we’re living cada día all year long! Colder weather means holidays, gatherings, and all the celebrations. Before the season gets too crazy, take a look at these tools & tips to elevate your home bar cart and entertain this fall!

Glass Pitcher & Premium Spirits: The Life of the Party!

For your large gatherings, add a glass pitcher to your bar to craft your elevated punch bowls. You’ve heard us say this many times before, but elevated punch bowls are great to help you get out from behind the bar and be the life of the party! One of mixologist Monica Carbonell’s top tips is to be mindful and conscious of punch ingredients. She says, “When it comes to punch a recipe, I know many people treat it like Jungle Juice. Dump whatever you have in your bar and pray that it works”. To really impress your guests, she says to be specific about what you want and use quality ingredients. It helps to have premium spirits at your home bar cart to choose from!


Take our Watermelon Tequila Punch cocktail recipe, for example. Monica selected cada día tequila reposado as her premium spirit and watermelon as the featured flavour. She mixes the ingredients in a large, glass pitcher, then serves. This is a great way to create an unforgettable cocktail experience for your guests and save yourself lots of time.

Shake it Up!

The majority of shakers accomplish the same task; Creating a tight seal to ensure that a cocktail doesn’t spill when shaking. When selecting this tool, make sure the set seals well AND separates easily, especially when entertaining. If you’re shaking many drinks, you’ll want something that helps speed up the process, not slow it down. Also, with this tool, you have the opportunity to add personality and elevate your home bar cart. Take a look at copper shakers if you’d like to add a fun, colourful element!

Typically, people will use a shaker, then a separate strainer when crafting cocktails. If you struggle with using both tools at once, try using a Boston Style Shaker. This tool has the shaker and strainer in one, making it easier for those who are beginners or individuals with smaller hands!


Cocktails often fall into two categories: shaken or stirred…Shoutout to Bond, James Bond. Haven’t quite completed your bar kit, but are looking to try cocktails that call for a stir? Mixologist Monica Carbonell suggests grabbing something you have kicking around your kitchen! If you don’t have a shaker, try your good old french press. It provides ample space to sir, then the press mechanism helps you strain your creation into a glass. A win-win!

Don’t Forget Your Bar Spoon

An essential tool to truly elevate your home bar cart is a bar spoon, of course! When a cocktail doesn’t call for shaking, a bar spoon is extremely important for mixing. They’re easy to use, don’t affect the drink’s flavours, a great tool when using different glass sizes, can be used to remove extra pulp from fruit garnishes, and it can help with measuring ingredients! If that’s not enough reasons to add this tool to your home bar cart, I don’t know what is!

These Are a Few of Your Favourite Things

To really make your home bar cart stand out, add a personal touch! Sprinkle in decorative items to show off your personality.


Bring in natural elements from the outdoors that you love! Seashells from a recent trip, fresh greenery during the holidays, or even your plant babies from around your home. 


On your next adventure, grab a piece of small artwork to add; Something that will bring you joy! Download our “sip. savour. celebrate.” graphic, “craft” graphic, or our hummingbird artwork!


Love having cocktail inspiration on hand? Add a cocktail book. Discover an iconic set of glassware at your favourite vintage shop? Add it! The objective is to display items that bring you joy!


To customize their home bar, cada día tequila founders, Sandeep and Riti, have added a customized ice stamper for a personal touch. They’ve also displayed their Lewis bag & ice mallet as they use this when crafting specific cada día cocktails that do well with a little extra chill.


Cheers to all of your upcoming, fall celebrations! Looking forward to sipping, savouring, and celebrating with you all fall long! Running low on your favourite premium spirit? Grab a bottle of the best on our website and visit our cocktail recipe vault to get inspired! 



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Crafted for the celebration of life, cada día tequila translates the enjoyment of living life to the fullest, and all of the exceptional experiences that entails, into a premium sipping tequila.

Sip. Savour. Celebrate.

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