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Cocktail and Food Pairings: 4 Tips on How to Pair Cocktails with Your Favourite Dishes

December 22nd, 2022

Holiday gatherings are in full swing, and it’s time to perfectly pair your favourite cada día cocktails with delicious dishes. We’ve put together our top tips to help you pair your cocktails and holiday dishes like a pro.

1. Complimentary and Contrasting Flavours:

When pairing cocktails with food, it’s important to think about the flavours of both the cocktail and the dish. You want to go one of two ways: choose flavours that are complementary or contrasting. 

Complimentary Flavours

Complimentary flavours are considered pairings that are similar flavours. For example, a cocktail that’s on the sweater side like cada día’s Wise Apple could be complemented with a dessert that has similar flavours, such as a fruit tart or a chocolate truffle.


When in doubt, think about matching your cocktail with its corresponding region. Food and drink flavours that are in the same region are often a great match. We highly encourage you to venture out of the Mexican region for some magical and surprising pairings.  However, when it comes to tequila, staying within the Mexican region is always a sure win. Our cada día Penicillin cocktail pairs exceptionally well with a chicken pistole verde – a comforting Mexican stew, typically with shredded chicken and a green chile broth with tomatillos, jalapeños, and cilantro.


Think about the garnishes or herbal elements that you’re adding to your food. Does this pair with an ingredient or cocktail garnish in one of our cada día cocktail recipes?


The combination of similar flavours can create a harmonious and cohesive pairing.

Contrasting Flavours

Contrasting flavours refers to pairing two elements with opposite or distinct flavours. The combination of opposite flavours can create a dynamic and exciting pairing. You may be surprised to learn that contrasting flavours are often excellent matches. For example, a sweet cocktail might pair well with a spicy or savory dish, while a more tart cocktail like cada día’s Buenos día cocktail could be a good match for a sweeter dish. It’s all about balance.

2. Balance

A successful pairing should balance the flavours of both the cocktail and the dish. If one element is too overpowering, it can throw off the entire pairing. A bold and intense cocktail might be too overpowering for a subtle and delicate dish, while a light and refreshing cocktail might be lost when paired with a bold and flavourful dish. Spirit forward cocktails are not meant to pair with a light dish; You want to elevate your experience, not overpower your food’s flavours. Try pairing our spirit forward Amor Y Agave with your favourite cut of steak this holiday season.


A balance of sweetness is another important factor to consider when pairing cocktails with food. A sweet cocktail can help to balance out the heat in a spicy dish, while a dry and savory cocktail can help to offset the sweetness in a dessert. Some great, more sweet cada día cocktails to try with fiery flavours are Colibri and our Strawberry Basil Margarita.

3. Texture

Texture is an important aspect to consider when pairing cocktails with food because it can affect the overall dining experience. The texture of a cocktail can have a significant impact on how the flavours of both the cocktail and the food are perceived. A thick and creamy cocktail may feel heavier on the tongue, which can be a good match for a rich and flavourful dish. Alternatively, a lighter and more refreshing cocktail may be a better match for a lighter and more delicate dish.


Fizzy cocktails are a fantastic match for heavy meals (stews, sauces, etc) as the fizz helps cut through the heaviness of the dish. Try cada día’s Blueberry Paradise cocktail alongside one of your comforting stews or rich sauces this season.


Frozen cocktails can often be thought of as numbing your pallet, which makes it difficult for you to enjoy your meal, so these are best served on their own.


By carefully considering the texture of both the cocktail and the food, you can create a more harmonious and enjoyable pairing.

4. The Occasion

The occasion and setting can also play a role in choosing the right cocktail. For example, a light and refreshing cocktail might be a good choice for a summer barbecue, while a rich and complex cocktail could be perfect for a formal dinner party. Try some of cada día’s spirit forward cocktails like London’s Calling and La Guayabita for your formal holiday meals. Or, try sipping cada día tequila straight and experience the depth and complexity of the tequila’s flavours.


Don’t be afraid to try out different cocktail and food combinations to see what works for you. The beauty of pairing cocktails with food is that there are no hard and fast rules, just some tips to keep in mind, so feel free to get creative and have fun with it. To view all of our cada día cocktails, visit our cocktail vault on our website. Don’t forget to follow cada día on instagram to be the first to know about new recipe launches and more cocktail tips! Cheers to your celebrations.

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