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Cocktail Garnishes 101

February 1st, 2023

Now that you have your premium quality cocktail made using the finest ingredients, you need to choose a cocktail garnish to top off the experience. Cocktail garnishes are an important aspect of mixology that can elevate the presentation, flavour, and aroma of your drinks; but, how do you choose a cocktail garnish perfect for your beverage? Consider this a guide to understand when to garnish, how to garnish, and some easy (yet amazing) garnish ideas for your next cocktail party.

1. When to Garnish

When it comes to choosing a cocktail garnish, knowing when to use a garnish can make all the difference in the overall presentation and flavour of your drink. They can add visual appeal to your cocktails and enhance the overall drinking experience. 

Garnishes for Flavour

Garnishes can be used to enhance the flavour of a cocktail. For example, a sprig of rosemary added to cada día’s Blood, Smoke, and Honey cocktail can compliment the blood orange and lemon flavours of the beverage. Similarly, an orange or grapefruit twist added to cada día’s Amor Y Agave cocktail can add a burst of citrus flavour to the cocktail. When choosing a garnish for flavour, it’s important to consider the ingredients in the cocktail and choose a garnish that will complement or enhance those flavours.

Garnishes Contrasting for Presentation

A garnish can be used to add visual appeal to a cocktail. Whether it’s a simple lime wedge or a fancy fruit skewer, a garnish can take a drink from ordinary to extraordinary. Many garnishes are chosen for their color and shape, to complement the colors and shapes of the ingredients in the cocktail. For example, try creating a cucumber ribbon garnish. It adds dimension to your presentation, and is easy to make! The pop of green compliments a cocktail like cada día’s buenos día cocktail perfectly.


We’ve been amazed by cocktail lover Claire, also known as @shakerandtwist. Specifically, her amazing presentation skills. She shares, “My top tip for creating an impressive garnish is to keep in mind the overall experience you’re trying to offer. Don’t overdo it. Stay simple, clean and relevant”.

Garnishes for Aroma

Another important factor to consider when choosing a garnish is aroma. Think of mint, rosemary, or citrus wheels. These can be used to add a pleasant aroma to a cocktail. For example, a sprig of torched rosemary can add a woody, pine-like aroma to a winter tequila mule, which can enhance the overall drinking experience.

When it comes to garnishes for aroma, Claire shared with us that her, “all time favorite garnish is a dehydrated citrus wheel because it enhances the experience on multiple sensory levels. They smell, taste and look absolutely phenomenal”.

2. How to Garnish

Crafting garnishes can be as complex or simple as you’d like. The most common garnishes are fruits and herbs, such as citrus fruits, berries, and mint. On the other hand, you can garnish in extraordinary and unique ways by creating sugar, decorative garnishes. For example, check out this beautiful salted marshmallow crown crafted by @shakerandtwist. Claire leveled this up by also adding a dehydrated lemon wheel and strawberry slice.

Easy Garnishes to Try

To create a garnish, simply slice or chop the fruit or herb of your choice and add it to the rim of the glass. Or, use skewers and toothpicks to stab the fruit and place it in the drink. Click here to learn how to make an easy cucumber ribbon garnish. In the tutorial, you’ll also spot beautiful, gold cocktail garnish skewers which can also level up your presentation. 


Some other garnish ideas include dehydrated fruits, candied fruits, sprigs of herbs, and edible flowers. A dehydrated pear is a great garnish to try. @shakerandtwist recommends making sure your pear isn’t too ripe, or else it will be extremely difficult to slice. Claire also says, “dip your slices in lemon juice to prevent browning”. You can click here to learn more from Claire.


In conclusion, garnishes are an essential aspect of mixology that can enhance the visual appeal, flavour, and aroma of your cocktails. When choosing a garnish, consider the ingredients in the cocktail, the flavour and aroma you want to achieve, and the overall presentation. Try experimenting with different fruits, herbs, and edible flowers to find the perfect garnish for your drinks. With the right garnish, you can take your cocktail to the next level.


Cheers to all of your future cocktail parties, while celebrating life each and every day! Need a refill on your bottle of cada día? Click here.


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