Ain't no sunshine is a burnt orange coloured cocktail sitting on top of a wooden table. Next to it is a pink cocktail over ice.

Ain’t No Sunshine

by Mackenzie Irvine

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Ain’t No Sunshine is the perfect cocktail recipe for those wanting to try a spirit-forward cocktail. Mac from Riviera in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada expertly crafted this divine cocktail. 

Don’t let the name prevent you from having it outside in the sun! Ain’t No Sunshine is perfect for all the celebrations, rain or shine. Think about batching this cocktail for your next celebration and gathering.

This cocktail was actually named after the late Bill Wither’s 1971 hit. Does anyone else adore this song? Mac’s vision was to create a strong yet simple cocktail that highlights the beautiful vanilla, allspice, and butterscotch notes on the palette. The combination of flavours are simply delicious. Crank up the music and get crafting. Cheers!

Ain’t No Sunshine Ingredients

2 oz cada día tequila reposado
¾ oz blood orange Amaro
¼ oz Dolin Suedois
2 Dashes Peychaud’s bitters

Ain’t No Sunshine Instructions

1. Add all ingredients to a cocktail mixing glass.

2. Add 4 or 5 ice cubes. Stir for 20 seconds with a bar spoon.

3. Strain and serve in a frosted Coupe glass.

4. It’s time to sip. savour. celebrate! Don’t forget to share and show us your creation on social media by tagging @cadadiatequila. Cheers!

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Crafted for the celebration of life, cada día tequila translates the enjoyment of living life to the fullest, and all of the exceptional experiences that entails, into a premium sipping tequila.

Sip. Savour. Celebrate.

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